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At Donald Hamm & Sons Insurance, our objective is to help each church understand insurance and help it decide upon an affordable plan of insurance coverage to protect its facilities and ministry.

Our agency is our ministry. It was established specifically for your church more than 30 years ago to provide the church community with an ethical and reputable source from which insurance could be purchased specific to their individual and unique needs. Back then, it took dedicated specialized insurance companies and specially licensed agents to provide a properly constructed plan of insurance. And, it was a very labor intensive process.

Today, with computerization and minimalizing of license regulations (read education / experience) nearly every insurance company has an add-on attachment to a basic one policy-fits-all that has “Church Something” in the title.

And, any agent or, perhaps a company employee will offer to provide your church with their company's insurance coverage.

Please understand no church attachment or even a policy for that matter provides identical / comparable coverage to any of the others. So, who decides if that particular “add-on” is the best available to protect your church from its unique exposures?

Our focus has always been to provide the church with the right coverage, unique to its needs and with the service to go along with what we sell. We are available to our church clients by personalized phone when you need us. We also make it a point to revisit each church again and again as board and committee members change. And, of course, the real test of serving your church as an agent is the capability to present more than one company’s insurance offering for your church’s consideration, be it because of coverage or pricing. Additionally, being independent allows us to act as your church’s advocate, something many agents / company employees cannot do because of their relationship with the insurance company. And, then there is the faceless voice at the other end of an “800” number that will never be as concerned with your church’s unique needs because they will never see you face-to-face. The voices you hear when you call us are the same ones you see face-to-face at insurance review meetings.

Free of Charge

Our Process

There is no substitute for years of experience and doing the job right. And the insuring process still remains very labor intensive but, we will remain focused on our mission and good reputation long after all the others who seek a quick profit have moved on. What has your agent done to earn your business lately?